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From Simple Solutions to Advance Analytics, we Excel. With the power of Machine Learning. Also with amazing visualizations that help you gain Deeper understanding of data, any type of data.

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Faces of United Compsci Kids

This project aims to motivate my peers on taking a course on computer vision. Combination of Machine Learning and Computer vision

2014 - Faces

People from
"I'm just trying to graduate at this point"

2015 - Faces

People from
"Comp Sci People Group Class of 2019"

2016 - Faces

People from
"Computer Science - Incoming 2016"

Sample Projects and Tutorials

Artificial Neural Network & Classification performence measurement.
More are coming soon!

Horrible Explanation About Neural Network - NEANN

This project aims to explain and implement from basic perceptron to NN, RBF, RNN, CNN and deep belief network. (Still on going)

Beyond classification Accuracy - Classification Performance Measurement.

This project aims to discuss different techniques to measure classification performance and why it is important to know them.

python - Simple Content Distrubution using Flask

This project aims to explain and build a simple content distribution network in python.